Monday, 8 March 2010

Out Today: A Classic?

Today, Gorillaz release their third album, titled Plastic Beach.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Damon Albarn and a Poster I recently received with an NME magazine package was some very impressive artwork of the new album and it's really cool, but there is something about this album that strikes me as slightly odd. I was flicking through my new issue of Q magazine, and as it happens, little things catch your eyes. Well, I wouldn' be lying to say yet again, the album artwork in the review of this album is simply fantastic. But.. another thing.. the rating Q had given it. This shocked me.

"5 STARS?" I said to myself. The little 5 stars hightlighted in red stunned me.

Now, it is known that in the history of Q, it is very rare that any album gets 5 stars, even if it is some tremendous remastered compilation of some iconic artist. This is only usually the case with remastered Rolling Stones' albums and other things of that status.

But for a album just released to gain this kind of honour is just remarkable. I can't really say anything yet because I haven't listened to the whole album yet (but what I have heard doesn't seem anything different from their old stuff, or special, but what do I know?), and I haven't read the whole review, so I can't be too judgemental..
Time will tell, I suppose, to whether this is a "Classic. You need it in your collection today." or the "Best Album of the Year" when only three months have passed...

Listen to it today, and see if you think Damon Albarn has hit the spot yet again.
Peace, Love, Empathy.