Monday, 2 January 2012


So I'm bad person because I haven't written in almost two months, and I'm still miraculously getting visits. How is this? I don't know, but I hope 2012 carries on like this.

The problem with having this blog is that I so often get swept up in the events of life and always cease to remember that I like writing about music.

But the last two months have been different for me and this connected love of writing and music.

I've met someone- or got to know someone- who writes as earnestly as me about the state of music today and how there's no feeling, Smashing Pumpkins do a better job of capturing that whole spectrum of emotions music should make you feel when it plays.

He idols Marilyn Manson, I idol Courtney Love- a friendship made in hell, you think? But we both share our romance for Billy Corgan, the actually really gay semi-rock God, that wears Paisley shirts and should never have gone bald. Our romance for the whole catalogue, where he prefers the damn evil songs from "Melloncollie... " and I am such the 'fangirl' I love Siamese Dream and those are the songs I learn obsessively on my guitar. Reading this, you'd think we have nothing to talk about. But we have, and it's great to finally speak seriously with someone about music. Here is the song that always reminds me of him, and saying this I am so close to buying the "Gish" reissue for vinyl, it's unreal. So I can be one big cliche once again and post Rhinoceros because it's all I need right now, the calming effect on life where 2012 just seems to be one stressful, horrible ride already. 

When you read this Jordan, remember that I never want to stop hearing you play "1979" and listening to music with you. It was the best thing to end 2011, and I want this in 2012 too, trust me. Happy new year.