Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rock on, Gold Dust Woman...

I can't believe I hadn't seen this cover already. Fleetwood Mac are amazing, an inspiration, but this Hole cover really is fantastically kick-ass. Acknowledge CL's dark locks. New Hairstyle for me maybe? :D The way she flicks her hair back and the style of this video is really dark, but once again Hole rock.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Excuses of the Month.

Okay, letmme get this straight: Courtney Love is not my bitch.

And since I haven't the energy lately to say much or do much because of school starting up again, this is not going to be a really inspiring post, as you can guess by the first sentence.

She's not my bitch; but yet I love her very much. Yes, she's mad, but that's what makes her so interesting. I would say that certain people are not open to honesty as much as others, and that I believe, is one of the many things wrong with this world. She's TOO honest sometimes. But doesn't honesty make brilliant music? Think about it; the best hits and records have been the ones that people can empathise with. From the Beatles and people wanting a pop revolution to Love's era shout-along 'music' that didn't actually have much skill or technicality to it; music is what you make of it, and if they have lyrics that reflect what you're going through in a particular time of life, then so be it. And Hole is one of the few bands I think actually has originality to its bitter core. It takes chord transitions that shouldn't work, simplicity and tantrums to the extreme, all the while making it actually sound good.

And yes, I also realise that maybe, my ears are different, and Courtney Love's Screams and Growls together maybe don't sound as brilliant as they do to me.

I will not make this into a rant post, but I think that every blog post makes me more and more certain with my writing style.

And makes me more and more certain on the level of Weird I possess.
Or a new disease I call : "riotgrrrl syndrome"

Cure me now, I'm addicted!