Monday, 9 July 2012

So you're a rocker and you're a woman... so what? Many things, that's what.

There is always one concept in the music industry that people can't seem to grasp. Male musicians 40 years old, teenage boys who want to be "rock stars", even little 11 year old girls, transfixed by the likes of X Factor (which I do NOT watch, just to put it out there... but that can be another blog post) for crying out loud!

It's the concept of the 'girl' rocker. The girl/woman who can rock at fast, as great and as powerful as the men of her equal music ... the examples are endless. Courtney Love being the prime example in my horizon... you have Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Siouxsie, Chrissie Hynde, Shirely Manson, Kathleen Hanna, Alison Mosshart... bored yet?

But of course, as a woman who DARES to breach the innoccent, 'feminine', disadvantaged prototype of woman that is STILL circulating today (believe it or not, not then read some Jessica Valenti for some 21st century feminism that ascentuates the importance of feminism over sexism today of all times) will be judged, doubted and put down for her career choice, stepping into society to supposedly trying to 'ruin' the male dominated music industry. You might not agree with me on that one, but sure, there are increasing images of girls more "rocked up" and I'm not talking Joan Jett in leather trousers, I'm talking so called "soft grunge" girls with dip-dyed hair and tumblr blogs. This is not what I intend society to cast its ignorance off from, I just think more girls deserve the recognition that we can play harder and faster than boys if we want to... anyone can have rock soul. 

To the girls who are living vicariously with guitars in their hands and a snarl at their lip.... keep doing what you're doing, darlings. The world needs a bit of realism in a totally surreal, male dominated world. Teach the ignorant. 

This post is dedicated fiercely to the first WOMAN rocker I discovered, Courtney Love. Happy 48th Birthday, and I hope that you know there are so many girls out there who look up to you because of your strength and beauty. You are the epitome of everything I love and believe in. I think you know that now, after retweeting me and making me a top tweet! (of which I screamed like a little girl) What can I say, I have a way with admiration! In some ways, you saved me (and doubtless others) Thank you.