Saturday, 1 May 2010

Best of the Best Round-up

Okay, well it's May now, unexpectectedly and kind of ridiculously, so I shall share on my blog simply the countdown of the 5 best things that have happened in music for the past 2 months:

5) Finding out that there will be a Kurt Cobain biopic detailing his fulfilling, or not so, life. And finding out that Robert Pattinson will thankfully NOT be playing him. That made my month and year. With Courtney Love co-producing it's sure gonna be warts and all.

4) Seeing Courtney Love cut her hair back to it's Live Through This days. Those extensions were truly awful. (although that's not necessarily music-related, but still.)

3)Finding out that Sub-Pop is going back to it's former glory days with a line of young, ambitious bands, making that Sub-Pop Alternative Rock sound that only the Americans can do. No matter what they don't do right, bands such as Avi Buffalo, Happy Birthday and riot grrrl revival girl group, Dum Dum Girls are sure to go far. II 'll certainly be buying their records. And word that Mark Arm (former North-East Punk-Rock GOD and lead of the tremendous, and timeless Mudhoney), is still at Sub-Pop headquarters working as Manager. Awesome. Awesome. Proves that with time, things don't change one bit.

2) Discovering that the Hole-but-not-kinda-hole-because-it-only-contains-one-of-the-original-members are releasing a new album. Having already being released in America, but not until Monday in Britain, obviously I've heard many of the songs on the web and seen Courtney Love at the NME's promoting Nobody's Daughter songs. I am loving Hole's 'Skinny Little Bitch' and 'Samantha'. Although it's not the real Hole, it sure sounds like it is. The bitch is back, everyone. And she's back for good.

1) Foo Fighters announce they are releasing another album, starting recording in September and plan to release by next year. With a new album will come a shedload of tour dates will come with it, usually. With news of this, I started jumping around the room. That's all to be said.

This is definitely turning out to be a very good year in music. Some people will say. I hope people will be able to look back and say "Why, yes, 2010 was the year of Alternative Rock Revival... It was quite a nice year.."

Peace, Love, Empathy ..

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