Sunday, 6 January 2013

Stand Inside Your Love

The greatest part of having this blog is when I'm feeling *lazy* in my studying sub-conscious exam state, I could just post a music video and let the work do itself. 

So that's what I'll do today, folks. 
A friend bought me the best of Smashing Pumpkins album for Christmas, Rotten Apples, and although I have most of the tracks already, it's great but I paid hardly any attention to this one. Sorry Billy. I love being given music as a gift, because now I have that hard copy CD and in digital format on my iPod with me in my travels for like, ever, but mainly because this album appealed to my interests especially and you could say I will always think of this person when listening to this album.

2013: stop being such a romantic, Megan.

But it's true! This song sums up a lot of stuff I couldn't put into words last year (surprisingly, as I am never lost for words!) and it's really beautiful. The guitar solo is especially my favourite. It's really subtle, but very transient and should be admired, along with the last refrain of the song... 

"And for the first time 

I'm telling you how much I need and bleed for 
Your every move and waking sound 
In my time 
I'll wrap my wire around your heart and your mind 
You're mine forever now"

And Billy is right you know? Who wouldn't be the one you loved and lived for? 

Enjoy this extended version of a blog post compared to the one I had in my head! Er, now for the video. Good luck if you have winter exams like me! Just see them as one step closer to achieving your short term and long term goals... whatever they may be! 

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