Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Best Cobain-related purchase

For all those that do not like inspirational figures, saddening but fufilling life stories, drugs, rock and roll, and just plain reality: look away now.

I bought this a couple of days back, and it really is one of the best Non-fiction 'books' I own, and undoubtedly my best Cobain-related purchase (Cause I own a lot of stuff already), and this is the icing on the cake for my collection.
It may not be your type of thing, but if you have a gift of putting scrapbooks together, or just like looking back on times, then this could be for you.
With an incredible interest in Kurt Cobain myself, this is perfect. It includes never-before seen pictures, drawings of childhood, journal entries, documents, other personal items and a ton of memorabilia. Recreations of polaroids and actual lyric pages that were the start to the soundtrack of Nineties America ... all here. There's even an audio CD that includes never-before-released spoken-word material, and it's just like poetry.
With the biography telling every detail alongside (you can get the full biography Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross also) which really is a pleasure to read, warts and all account of one of the most talented artist of the modern era.
I won't start to preach about the incredible talent, stories of Kurt, I'll just say before you make any judgements upon his life, read this book.
It really is a beauty. And an imperfect one, at that.

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