Sunday, 14 February 2010

OMG, you look just like Shakira, No No, You're Catherine-Zeta...

Happy February, Everyone!

To Start: Today is just like any other day, and that means I'm not going to wish you all a Happy St.Valentine's Day and start gushing about soppy Take That love ballads.

The only sign of that holiday where I live is the deep pink polish I have on my Toenails, and the chocolate buttercream cupcakes with edible hearts on my dining room table, a present (or a joke) from my lovely mother. (:

But if we were to talk about present-buying for your other half , or just for the single person to treat themselves to a album this holiday (because you never need a reason for buying yourself a new album), your thoughts should go out to the new Florence Welch of the year and brunette beauty Marina Diamandis with her generally misleading plural name Marina & The Diamonds. Of which, the "Diamonds" are her fans, she says encouragingly.

Her album The Family Jewels is out tomorrow, and includes another nail-biting view of the dream of Hollywood in single Hollywood, about an infectious disease that seems to affect some certain, blonde girls, and the "puking american dreams". Her vocals are gorgeous moments of deep melodic tones and a realistic edge that are captured perfectly in this single, also.

One thing we know, is that Marina's debut is 12 songs from a girl who's surely down to earth, and another pop female artist that is definitely not obsessed with "the mess that's America" and filled with a pop-sarcasm that is sure to win us over.

Her sound? You have to listen to it to understand it. It's a contradicting messy mix of genres and clever lyrics. The British music industry will accept this kind of thing, as it has done with many, many others...

And for all those who want a love-sick guitar ballad this Valentines: Paramore's The Only Exception is one of their best songs to date, and a Hayley Williams shows she can do a different side. Warning: It may get you all sentimental.

The Family Jewels by Marina & The Diamonds is out tomorrow on Vinyl/CD/Download on the 15th February.

Peace, Love, Empathy.

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