Sunday, 11 July 2010

Guitar Lust... I mean, Love of course.

Okay, well today in Britain it is BOILING outside (obviously not as gorgeous as L.A or something like that, just another thing to complain about when you're on english turf), my iPod has run out of power and there's nothing I'd really like to do more than post on my blog. Just looking for some inspiration.

Today, is Pearl Jam day. Any
one? Okay, I made that up but some days- most days- I have a themed music day according to how I'm feeling. And if Pearl Jam floats your boat on a summer's day then Pearl Jam it is. Can't beat a bit of Eddie Vedder.

And that brings me back to what I want to write
Recently I've been 'exploring' this site: and it's really amazing what you can find. But....
What seems like forever now I've been totally after a Fender Squier Venus that "Love" actually co-designed:

So, I guess, the closest I can get to this is Squier Model by Fender Bullet Stratocaster in Rosewood Daphne Blue, which I absolutely ADORE:
.... and is surprisingly cheap.

The Venus Model < is a mix of strat, squier and others...

It all makes for good Guitar Lust, but I'm
quite happy saving up for a beaut like the one below.

... all to fulfill the promise I keep telling mother when I have to borrow money: "Well, Mum, when I'm a rich and famous rock star with heaps of money... I'll buy you anything you want.. so for now.. a strat please?"

So.. while we're at it...

Shall we purchase a Fender Artist Billy Corgan Strat.... ?

In "Olympic White" .... ?

I could be so lucky.-
riotgrrrllives| x

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