Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Summer Love for the Sub

This week has been especially summery and gorgeous, so the weather obviously reflects on my up-and-going iPod playlists. What has been cropping up again and again are songs from an album I recently downloaded, a tribute to the 'Greatest American Artists' around at the moment; something that's truly American; and embraces the inner American style.

The American lifestyle and summer is very in with Britain at the moment; and this brings me to one of my favourite little philosophies of life. I think one should embrace and talk, cherish and show the appreciation for (and this means every day!) the things that they really love; and if this so by means mentioning even a music label practically every time I post something on this blog, then so be it. So with the American lifestyle and the character and true feeling of a label like Sub-Pop, which I have to say is probably my favourite label ever, I have to pay homage to it for the kind of sun-kissed gorgeousness it is producing at the moment.

One of those bands frequently appearing on these Sub Pop playlists at the moment is the Foxes of .. the Fleet: Fleet Foxes.

They must have been around for quite a while now, but this true american heritage sound that has appeared on the music rounds lately has to feature them and their gorgeous single 'Mykonos', centerpiece of the the Sun Giant EP. From the name, this song itself is paying homage to the small Greek party island, although it doesn't sound what that description brings to mind. It's tribal chorus harmonies and beautiful swinging acoustics may make you sway away in the summer evening. Those softly pounding drums is something quite soothing, and it's a dose of relaxation I highly recommend. A Grecian relaxation treatment.

How do Sub Pop turn out this revolutionizing artists like it's natural?

Because it's Sub-Pop.

And it's probably the truest, most natural American Alternative Rock you will ever hear.

Next Post will hopefully be another Sub Pop band that is hitting the high times lately. That is, If I can get the whole music package on their part before it's the end of summer! The next band are a band I definitively believe in, and I do think they'll be even more successful by the end of summer.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Stay safe; and don't spend too long out in the sun listening to The Drums. Maybe a little Foxes wouldn't go amiss?

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